Trading Cards

Think about a colourful planet with flows of liquid rainbows filling up the sky in an explosion of brilliant lights and rumbling vibes of happyness.

Think about pink rivers and red skies firing up the sunset of a warm day of August, green long grass under your feet while you walk on infinite fields populated by multiple eyed creatures running and smiling and beating up each other in a playful, sometimes violent infinite game called life.

And green monsters are surfing infinite long waves barreling in a gold beach while the sun is firing acid green and purple gamma rays all around, while red skeletons skateboarders are doing big airs on the pool by the beach and the crowd’s hands are clapping so hard that the whole earth is shaking and overexcited demons are convulsively dancing on it, firing flames from their eyes. 

That’s our world, a Weird World.

Joe, what’s this card project?

First off, these cards are NFT portraits available on Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world. They’re portraits of some of the characters of this fantastic, psychedelic, something mega violent world. They come out in a limited edition of 25 pieces for each card, but rare cards could be on 10 and 5 pieces, in addition, unique cards on just 1 piece. 

And those shiny bags?

The bags are just the imaginary packs of the cards. Maybe in the future I’ll make some bundles with them. 

What about the Golden Bag? 

The Golden Bag is a rare special bag which allows you to partecipate to future private auctions, for example, I’m gonna drop the Cowabunga card just for those who have the Golden Bag.  

Why this project? 

The Trading Cards Weird World it’s a vision. It’s something that’s always been on my head since years, so now it’s just coming out. It’s a mix of what I love, what I live, what makes me happy and sad.