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I’m a freelance illustrator inspired by skateboarding, surfing, punk rock art from 80s/90s. I grew up skateboarding, dreaming about California seeing the skateboard graphics of  Zero Skateboards and Santa Cruz Skateboards, but I always been fascinated by the psychedelic art from 60s-70s, by the Work of Wes Wilson and Stanley Mouse. 
In 2013 I created a streetwear brand named Oldprow which lasts to 2017, then I started freelancing full time, basically trying to do what I love with the ideas of my clients. 
I worked with clothing brands, coffee roasters, craft beer producers, skateboard brands, to create bold, super colored illustrations for die-cut stickers, t-shirts, coffee packs, skateboard decks, beer cans, and album covers too. 
Some of my last clients:
Comedy Center LA x Big Jay Oakerson ( through Rotten Science): Flyer design; 
Cajè Coffee Isla vista: T-shirt, sticker & illustrated packaging design;
Monster Drones NY: sticker design; 
Pizza Party App: Digital stickers set;
Hoop Tea drink: promotional longboard deck design; Sticker designs;
Origin Fingerboards: 4 Deck designs + Stickers; 
Oldprow streetwear – – Nexus Skateshop Barcellona – In-crowd streetwear – Manic Crew apparel LA – Furacao technical apparel – Misled Youth independent brand – Origin Skateboards – Slow Burn Gear – Sardinia Hot Bikes – Iqarus brand  – Rebel Summer Fest – Red Valley Festival  – Stage Diving Productions
Bands & Musicians: 
Square Shapes, Humble Minds, Slackers Bunch, The Band Called India, Internet Junkie, Squirrel Haggard, Foolhouse, No Talent Dog, Dayeater, Lookit, Uk Subs – Every Saturday Punches – Fingers to the Bone HC  – Inarrestabili -A War Inside – Massa Sonora Concentrata – Metal Moth
Rise of Doom – Redneck Riders – Sick of It All ( Gig poster through Stage Diving Productions) – Crafter HC