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I’m a freelance illustrator inspired by skateboarding, surfing, punk rock art from 80s/90s. I’m born in a little Italian island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea named Sardinia, in a city called Cagliari. I grew up skateboarding, surfing a little bit, always dreaming about going to California, seeing the eye catchy graphics from Zero Skateboards, Fallen Footwear, Mystery Skateboards, (basically all that kind of Jamie Thomas stuff) and of course Santa Cruz Skateboards, but growing up I’ve always been fascinated by the psychedelic art from 60s-70s. The stunning Work of Wes Wilson and Stanley Mouse for example. 

In 2013 with my best friends I created a streetwear brand named Oldprow which lasts until to 2017, then after a 3 weeks California trip I started working freelance full time.

What’s my job? Basically listen to the client’s idea, and create something awesome and eye catchy.  

I worked with clothing brands, coffee roasters, craft beer producers, skateboard brands, to create bold super colored illustrations for die-cut stickers, t-shirts, coffee packs, skateboard decks, beer cans, and album covers too. We can do pretty much what we want with my illustrations.

I’m going to list some works & clients: 

Comedy Center LA x Big Jay Oakerson ( through Rotten Science): Flyer design; 
Cajè Coffee Isla vista: T-shirt, sticker & illustrated packaging design;
Monster Drones NY: sticker design; 
Pizza Party App: Digital stickers set;
Hoop Tea drink: promotional longboard deck design; Sticker designs;
Origin Fingerboards: 4 Deck designs + Stickers; 
Beer cans:
Boomtown Brewery, Mother Earth Brewing Co, Grains of Virtue Brewing, Moonraker Brewing Co., Troudediable.
Oldprow streetwear – – Nexus Skateshop Barcellona – In-crowd streetwear – Manic Crew apparel LA – Furacao technical apparel – Misled Youth independent brand – Origin Skateboards – Slow Burn Gear – Sardinia Hot Bikes – Iqarus brand  – Rebel Summer Fest – Red Valley Festival  – Stage Diving Productions
Bands & Musicians: 
No Trigger punk rock, Nova77, Doc Hayward, Whitefang, Fire Whispers with Me, Square Shapes, Humble Minds, Slackers Bunch, The Band Called India, Internet Junkie, Squirrel Haggard, Foolhouse, No Talent Dog, Dayeater, Lookit, Uk Subs – Every Saturday Punches – Fingers to the Bone HC  – Inarrestabili -A War Inside – Massa Sonora Concentrata – Metal Moth
Rise of Doom – Redneck Riders – Sick of It All ( Gig poster through Stage Diving Productions) – Crafter HC