I minted my first 1/1 NFT artwork on SuperRare

Last spring my girlfriend come home with a blank piece of cardboard. I don’t remember why she bought it, but she cutted it, used a piece and gifted to me the other part. ” Do something with it” she said.

It was big, wide and tall.

In the past few years I spent a lot of time focusing on small, sticker look like illustrations. I was trying to have the right thickness with a fair amount of details, thanks to a friend ( Frankie the king) I discovered two Fudenosuke brushes who are pretty cool for thick to thin lineworks, so I was focusing on single subject illustrations. Big, bold 90s sticker look-like graphics.

But the pandemic gave us a bunch of free time for ourselves ( even too much, fuck me, fuck us & the virus) so after finishing my client works I was dreaming big compositions with a lot of stuff “happening” in it, so I started sketching. I was kinda scared to begin something like this, with a lot of details.

It tooked me three days to finish, started on monday, finished on thursday.
Here you can see the room setup, that was helpful for the timelapse I did for the entire inking process of the piece:

The timelapse/speed inking is visible here:

The position was kinda uncomfortable and I had a freakin back pain in the end that was killer! But yeah, worth it. I was “satisfied”, even if I’m not completely satisfied about my stuff. I’m always thinking about other possible developments of the composition and I’m constantly finding errors but, if you don’t start, you’ll never know what’s next.

I used a Rotring Pen 0.8 for the straight thick lines, the two Fudenosuke brushes ( soft & hard) and a couple of Fude Brush pens by Pentel. Pretty fun stuff if you ask me! The fat brush is incredibly fun because drops a lot of ink, but the slim one ( the grey one) is awesome because it’s super clean and precise.

A couple days, a bunch of brushes, a huge freaking load of patience, a couple of nice records that’s all you need to have your piece done!

After that I worked on the colors with a couple versions, you can see the final colored work here, on auction on SuperRare for the next couple of days. The auction ends Friday 31th at 3pm GMT+1.

As you might now if you read the previous articles or if you follow me on Twitter, I’m into NFTs since the past summer, when I started minting the first artworks into collections on Opensea and HicetNunc.xyz. A couple weeks ago I’ve been accepted into KnownOrigin and now I’m on SupeRare too. I’m gonna talk about the KO painting another time. Thanks a lot for reading, hope you enjoyed!  Feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you got any questions or curiosities