3 Reasons why I joined the NFT world

Well, first off, has been fun. But that’s not one of the reasons, I promise.

I’m a freelance illustrator living in Italy, inspired by the 80s-90s skateboarding art, together with the surf and psychedelic art from the 60s, including all that kind of cool stuff from the bay area in the years of love put in the bag even some elements from the Kustom Kulture. Anyway, you can see my stuff on joetamponi.com, feel free to reach me out and tell me if it looked good, bad, annoying or fun to you. New friends are welcome!

About two months ago thanks to one of my old clients I know about this exploding news in the art world, everything about this NFT stuff, Opensea, and whatsoever. I’ll never go forward with super boring technical explanations here, so I’m going to link you the Wiki page, which is going to be definitely easier.

Basically this is the deal: your art is gonna be written on a blockchain, proving that it’s authentic. So here comes the first reason: it’s cool. Having your art authenticated is super cool, since allows you to sell it to your collectors. Or more important, expand your net reaching out new buyers.

Personally I started creating the first collection which was called OVERKILL, 5 pieces strongly influenced by the punk rock and hardcore imaginary. Here’s one of the pieces:

After Overkill, which has been sold out in like, 15 minutes (yeah I was freaking out about how fast it went, super stoked, and it was actually kinda hard to believe to have all that interest around my stuff) I just started drawing.

2020 and 2021 have been crazily hard for artists, including people who do this for a living, since it’s kinda hard to go wild with your imagination when you’re stuck at home on your couch, trying to survive while the Covid-19 pandemic is killing people out there. If some of the future generations are reading this, no folks, has not been fun or legendary. Nothing like the Hollywood zombie movies, we were just living in pajama pants trying to not get fat. Anyway, I went wild experimenting new stuff. In the last years my focus was on sticker designs, super inspired by the 80s-90s skateboarding graphics. First thing I did then, has been to go off the classic grid by art on center and text on top and bottom. One of those days I went out with my chopper and I saw a beautiful sunset by the sea, the day after I started drawing this, thinking about creating just a generic NFT collection with all my new stuff:

As you can imagine from what you’re reading, the second reason has been the incredible, powerful, rumbling spark of new creativity.

It’s nice when people are interested to what you’re doing, and it’s definitely funnier to experiment with stuff that was stuck in your head for the last couple of years. Then I went wild again & again:

I drew this thinking about how the thoughts take shape in our head and then we let them out and they can float anywhere or pick a direction, if we want.

Anyway, you can see all the other editions piece here, and make offers to the collectors if you’d like to have one.

After all this stuff I decided to go with a bigger project, but I’m gonna talk about it on another article because it’s too big and long and I think that deserves a bit more space then just a quote here. I’m gonna say just that is a collectible cards project, that could be seen here.

Let’s go on the last of these three reasons, which is creating new connections, definitely the more important, because I got to know a lot of new people, a LOT.

After my old customer texted me, I started taking a look to the pages of some other artists I know, and Brian ( thanks a lot dude) gave me some help to understand how much the community is important in this world. So I went on Twitter. Just browsing hashtags like #nftcollector or #nftcommunity you can see a lot of good stuff and talented people out there, so you just have to interact with them, ask questions, see what they do and why, make new friends and show them what you do. it’s incredibly fun to have someone to share thoughts/ideas with, and freelance illustrators know how important is to make new connections, since could be pretty hard to be on your studio alone all day. Support other people’s work, retweet, show & share your appreciation, you’re gonna have new friends and new potential customers!

You can reach out to me and say hi on my twitter page here, you can also send me pictures of old skateboards or cool little cats/dogs, love them.

Oh and, another place to share your love for the NFT art world is Discord, but I’m gonna make another article for this too, since there’s too much stuff to say, and more important, I’m gonna create my Discord server this week.

Stay tuned, hope you liked this little introduction to a gigantic world!