8 Awesome Inspirational color palettes from punk rock records: for Graphic designers & Illustrators

If you’re a graphic designer/punk rocker/illustrator/painter/wannabe superhero well, this is interesting.

Some of the questions below are very common: “ Where the hell do I saw that color, I would love to have it in my color palette here to make some tests.”“Woah, that cover art has some awesome colours, I can’t stop watching it.

Well yes, it’s pretty much what I thought when I wrote this article and I pick those colours. I grown up listening Nofx, Millencolin and other punk rock stuff so, most of the colors that I always had in mind are from there. Even from some old skateboards deck but, this is another story.

For example, just a couple of days ago I found out that a blue shade that I love came probably from this cover art, which is a masterpiece. Simple, minimal but awesome.

If you’ll check out my instagram feed here you can find a lot of shades of this blue, and I swear, I picked this color after using the same shades a bunch of times!

This Chixdiggit! one is an example of how flat colors and a very minimal illustration could make a great album cover.Half face, big title on top and flat colors everywhere. What else? Do we need shades or a lot of lines, no we don’t.

How cool is that pink shade, together with the light blue? Here I loved the contrast between the black and white/sepia pictures together with that super acid green, and light blue of the pool. Look at those pictures and that green on the top of it. Love it.

This one it’s pretty easy, black background with magenta and yellow. Another example of how you can create a great illustration or graphic composition just using a couple of colors and not a bunch of them all mixed together. When I discovered this band I was stoked. Basically they’re the Descendents without Milo, when he started studying biochemistry, I found them with “She’s my ex”.

I always loved this Less Than Jake record and even the cover is awesome. Wanna hear something? You should. Picture yourself into some sort of palm trees dream with a glassy swell and a beer on the beach afterwards, and that’s how I feel about this record.

Somehow confusing, chaotic, but with a clean color palette, super effective.

This Nofx album is another masterpiece, I listened Murder the Government at least a couple million times, and look at the cover:

That pink together with the cream/vanilla and the brown make me think about an ice cream. Three stripes of flat colors and a sketchy text on it. Simple and fun, that’s how skatepunk works.

Here we have a super win. That flashy orange with the acid green background is something that make you instantly remember this. It’s simple, but super eye catchy. Maybe is even a little dangerous for your eyes if you stare it too much, but do it.

This one is confused, rough, exactly like the music. Liberal Animation is the first album of the Californian band NOFX.

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